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What is Stronger Together?

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Stronger Together is a monthly peer support series created by PhD Balance!

We have members in our community AROUND THE GLOBE - We take this into account for events to optimize support & community networking for everyone!

In the Stronger Together series, we explore mental health-realted topics using journaling prompts, multimedia resources, and group discussions on our Discord!

This is a great way to understand your OWN personal mental health & wellness, while we cover topics like Mental illnesses, intersectionality, career & professional development, and academic stressors!

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How do you join?

It's easy!

At the bottom of the page, click "Join the Community"

Select your plan & make your account: Free & subscription-based memberships are available!


Go to Stronger > Topics for past content & to get started on this month.

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How does it work?

New topics will launch on the FIRST Sunday of each month.

If you go to the Topics page, you can view old topics, or find the option to start new content!

Each topic has 4 modules, released WEEKLY on Sundays!

The content is self-guided with weekly live group discussions on our Discord!

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Share with us!

We want you to share your Stronger Together experience!

At its core, Stronger Together is created to amplify PhD Balance's mission to create a collaborative community that empowers graduate students to build this personal & professional resilience.

No voice goes unheard.

Tell us:

  • What did you learn?

  • Are you able to apply this content to your everyday life?

  • what type of introspection did you gain?


You can email or DM us, submit a personal story, or join our Discord server!


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