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What is Minority Stress?

What is minority stress graphic? All text in post.

Minority stress is ADDITIONAL stress experienced by members of marginalized groups as a direct result of:

  • Prejudice

  • Discrimination

  • Stigma

  • Rejection

  • Lack of family support

  • Sometimes internalized stigma.

Minority stress can be present & even compounded in ANY marginalized group including the LGBTQ+ community, race & ethnic groups, disability, and international students.

Factors of minority stress and it's relation to chronic stress graphic - all text in post.

Minority stress is:

1. Unique - not faced by non-marginalized groups)

2. Societal - based on systemic prejudice & discrimination

3. Chronic - last a person's lifetime if they remain in the same societal framework.

It's directly related to:

Higher levels of chronic stress, adverse mental & physical health outcomes.

Additionally, individuals who lack a support system have greater adverse outcomes. This is especially common in sexual & gender minorities.

How are marginalized students impacted by minority stress - all text in post.

What about students part of marginalized groups?

They are directly impacted in many ways!

  1. Lack of sense of belonging

  2. Direct link to higher alcohol/substance use

A students' environment directly influences their:

  • Levels of stress

  • Willingness to continue in higher education.


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