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What does PhD Balance do?

What do we do? 🤔

alt text: Dark navy graphic text reads Did you know approx 50% of PhD and grad students struggle to maintain their mental health? They need Levecque et al. from 2017. Find it via its DOI: 10.1016/j.respol.2017.02.008 . PhD Balance is a community creating space for academics to learn from shared expereinces. PhD Balance is a space to create resources and connect with others. Join the community no voice goes unheard. There is info in the footer on how to reach us: We are on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Discord @PhD_Balance, our website is, or email us at]

Are you (or have you been) struggling during your grad school journey? Are you looking for a place to exchange experiences?

Do you want to find support from a community of like-minded people? YES?

You might not be alone in this!

Did you know that about every second PhD and graduate student struggles to maintain their mental health?! This is exactly what PhD Balance is about!

We are providing a space for academics from around the globe to learn from shared experiences, to create resources, and to connect with others.

No voice should remain unheard, so join our community!


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