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Questioning Goals

Questioning yourself are always great times for self reflection and change.

Picture of the word magnets saying questioning goals is needed and not helpless.

This year we will undergo some changes. More to come about it soon! What is really important to you?

Have you ever questioned the decision to start grad school or to have specialised in whatever field you are in? And maybe even felt guilty for it? Noticing that there are doubts is important, though! Doubts aren’t a sign of failure but making you aware that something isn’t quite right for you.

Take these thoughts as an opportunity to look deeper into your values! What is really important to you? How do you want to work? And how does reality (maybe) currently differ from this? Where do you lose energy, what motivates you? What goals are YOU working towards? Sometimes it can be small adjustments - like structuring your days differently, prioritising a walk in the park during your lunch break or asking for feedback from your PI - that lead to an overall more satisfying day.


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