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The Original PhD Pets!

Originally posted on PhD Balance social media platforms on 03/29/2020.

Picture of Hermes and Athena as puppies, lying on the ground and playing with bright green tennis balls.

Adopting two 9-week-old puppies during the third year of grad school was questionable at best.

But these two dogs have turned out to be the best part of Susanna Harris’s life and she can’t imagine getting through these last few years without them. With her private PhD defense to tomorrow afternoon (!!!!), They are certainly getting some extra snuggles this month.

Hello to the original PhD Pets of PhD Balance!

Pictures of Hermes and Athena as puppies sitting on a car seat. Hermes is looking directly at the camera with his mouth open, Athena is looking down and is leaning on Hermes.

Hermes (dark brindle) and Athena (light with black spots) are littermates that showed up at a trailer park in August 2017. Their now-owner must have been having a strange week because she immediately responded to their post on a local Facebook Free and For-Sale page.

Hermes is a big goof-ball, always rolling around for attention and making sure any newcomer is appropriately greeted with incessant licking. Athena is more reserved and shy, but will gladly lay on your lap for hours while you work.

Picture of Hermes and Athena today, lying on the ground and panting with their tongues out. There are large rocks in the background.

Grad school has been rough for their owner, but learning to take care of these dogs has helped her take better care of herself.

They need to sleep, so she needs to sleep. If they are eating, she should probably eat too. When they need a walk, she gets exercise. They keep her from staying at the lab too long or forgetting the importance of taking a break. And when they want cuddles, she certainly obliges.

Picture of Hermes and Athena today, lying down on a double bed together and looking straight at the camera

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