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Recovering from Academic Abuse & Bullying

Meet this week's Grad Chat guest, Dr Heloise Stevance!

Promotional Graphic, text reads Recovering from Academic Abuse and Bullying, # Grad Chat by PhD Balance. There are two headshots one of Linda, the host & one of Heloise, the guest.

Originally born and raised in France, Heloise moved to the UK to study Physics and Astronomy at the University of Sheffield. After working as a support astronomer at the Isaac Newton Group in La Palma for a year, she obtained her Masters of Physics in 2015. Heloise subsequently started a PhD studying the 3D shape of Core Collapse Supernovae, and earned her title in Spring 2019. In July of that year, she joined the University of Auckland as a Research Fellow to research the evolution of massive stars to better understand how they die and produce Supernovae and Kilonovae.

Heloise also started public outreach work during her doctorate studies, in early 2016, and has not stopped since.


You can find out more about Heloise on her Twitter (@sydonahi) and website (

Heloise will join host Linda tomorrow (12/04) for Grad Chat at 3 pm Eastern/12 pm Pacific to talk about Recovering from Academic Abuse & Bullying. Catch the live stream using this link!

Alternatively, you'll be able to catch up on the episode on Grad Chat, The Podcast published next Tuesday (12/07) here!


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