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Talking About Transitions

Updated: May 15, 2021

Meet this week's Grad Chat guest, Fátima!

Graphic - text reads  Talking About Transitions. Grad Chat by PhD Balance. There are two headshots one of Linda, the host & one of Fátima.

Hello everyone! My name is Fátima but I also go by Fatu. I use she/her and he/him pronouns interchangeably. I did my PhD in biomedical sciences studying blood stem cell development, but have been advocating for the improvement of early career researcher (ECR) spaces for five years now.

I did my postdoc at UW - Madison researching ECR training spaces and developing mentor training interventions. It's my full-time job now and I absolutely love it! I'm also the president of Future of Research as part of my advocacy work, and love interacting with folks in academia to talk about how to fix the academy from the current mess that it's in.

In my spare time I like tinkering with sustainable systems: catch me in the garden behind my house planting food, or designing updates to my aquaponics system at home. I'm autistic, I'm queer, and really freaking excited to talk to you all tomorrow. Unfortunately I'm working on submitting a grant today so I won't be able to join you on here today but I'll catch you tomorrow!


Tune into Fátima's Grad Chat with Linda LIVE on YouTube Tomorrow (05/15) at 3pm Eastern/ 12pm Pacific [livestream link]!

Alternatively, you'll be able to catch up on the episode on the Grad Chat podcast published next Tuesday (05/18) here!


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