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Take the Time to Recharge!

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Originally posted on PhD Balance social media plaforms on 01/04/2021

Happy New Year, everyone! How do you slow down and recharge?

A new year often comes with a refreshed view of our daily routines, responsibilities, and challenges that are coming our way. This year, the ambiguity of our routines, goals, and mental and physical health during a global pandemic is probably heightening our worry and unknown.

It's important that, even though many will go into 2021 with a "New Year, New Me" attitude, we all remember to take time to SLOW DOWN and RECHARGE. We can only be as productive with positive mental health for as long as our bodies allow, and burnout was a harsh reality for many by the end of 2020.

How do you take the time to slow down and recharge? Drop your self-care routine or ways you manage your mental health below!

The image has a teal background with a cartoon cellphone. On the self phone there is a black screen that reads "Take the time to RECHARGE" with a "battery empty" symbol.


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