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Question: Have you reflected on how your actions could affect people of color?

It's hard to be self-critical sometimes but often seemingly innocuous actions can be hurtful to others. Have you reflected on how your actions could affect someone who may be marginalized in your community?

Graphic showing a map in green tones with a cartoon two people prominently displayed over a large group of POC. The two people are a black Fem person and a white Masc person. There is a text over them that says " Do you reflect on your interactions with people from races other than your own"

This week’s Stronger Together topic is all about being an ally for people of color.

COOL FACT: you don’t have to be a person of color to be an ally! We will be going over challenges that people of color face and ways to be a good ally. We love to have you at our next module discussion on discord.

Also, be sure to check out our Stronger Together Section for more content about our October content were you will also find links to previous interviews with graduate students who guested on Grad Chat.


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