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PhD Pet: Jed

PhD Pet alert: say hello to Jed! 🐶

Picture of a Labrador-Collie mix dog that looks mostly lab, he is fully black except for the grey hair around his mouth and chin. He is sitting on some grass while wearing a red tartan bow tie on his collar and looking happily with his mouth open at something off camera.

Jed is a Labrador Collie mix who is now 11 years old.

Since I got him, Jed has always been my rock. He loves cuddles and just wants to be friends with everyone, he loves meeting new people and other dogs.

His favorite things are being outside & going for walks, and jumping whenever he sees the wood chipper turned out (he's not allowed near it, he barks & jumps from afar).

He also turns into a master of the puppy dog eyes whenever he smells steak or chicken.


Thanks for featuring Jed, Linda!

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