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Isolation in Grad School

This week we are super excited to have Elana Gloger as a guest on Grad Chat to talk about Tackling Academic Mental Health.

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Host of the Dear Grad Student Podcast, Elana Gloger joined Linda to chat about her experience of isolation in grad school, how isolation from identity can also tie into this and some tips for combatting!

Who is Elana Gloger?

Elana is a brand new PhD Candidate in health psychology. She is also the creator, and host of the amazing Dear Grad Student Podcast.

Where can you find her?

You can find Elana at @elana_gloger on Twitter. Also make sure you check out the Dear Grad Student Podcast on Instagram (@deargradstudentpod), Twitter (@DearGradStudent), and on their website!


Elana's episode is available on the PhD Balance YouTube and on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Overcast & Google Podcasts (And more!) Just search "Grad Chat" on your favourite podcast streaming app! Don’t forget to subscribe for notifications about new episodes!


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