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Parenting and Pregnancy in Grad School

Meet this week's Grad Chat guest, Alexandra Bobb-Woodson (she/her)!

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Hi y’all! I’m Allie Woodson and we will be discussing Parenting and Pregnancy in Grad School this week on Grad Chat! I’m a proud mother of two (6 & 4). I hold a master’s degree in Psychological Science, and I am currently a doctoral candidate in school psychology.

I became a mom in 2014, two years after I failed out of undergrad. I returned to school when I found out I was expecting my 2nd child and I have been going ever since (ups, downs, and quarantine included). I've done the late nights, found smears of banana on my shirt moments before a presentation, and missed class due to a kiddo's random fever. Parenting in graduate school has given me an interesting perspective to my work and has been my motivation for every big leap I take in my field.

I currently serve my department as a research assistant and graduate assistant to the undergraduate program director providing opportunities for professional development and mentorship to undergraduate psychology students. I serve as the president of my school psychology graduate student organization, serve as the vice president of advocacy and sustainability for the university's graduate student council, and advocacy chair for my daughter’s parent-teacher association.

My latest endeavour has focused on integrating social justice into the practice of school psychology and facilitating opportunities for faculty and students to collaborate toward that goal. My research interests include academic recovery, attachment/parenting, gendered language use with children, and attribution bias in schools. If you find yourself enjoying collaboration and generally nerding out about research let's connect!


You can find out more about Alexandra on her Instagram account (@alexandrawdsn).

Alexandra will be taking over our Instagram account today, before being our Grad Chat guest tomorrow with new host Aidan! You can join the Youtube Livestream Saturday (06/19) at 3 pm Eastern/12 pm Pacific using this link!

Alternatively, you'll be able to catch up on the episode on the NEW Grad Chat podcast published next Tuesday (06/22) here!


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