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Meet the team: Kathrine

Welcome back to our "Who keeps PhD Balance running?" series! We're going to be introducing our team over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out! 👀

Meet the team bright yellow graphic, There is a photo of Kathrine. Text reads Kathrine Schledermann (she/her), teams stronger together and social media, instagram handle kathrine.schledermann. There’s also a map of the world with a red pin pointing to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Next up is Kathrine Schledermann.

Kathrine (she/her) is currently a PhD-fellow in Denmark. She has a background in lighting design, and her current research looks at the implementation of circadian lighting in healthcare.

Besides this, Kathrine like walking in nature, crocheting, doing water painting and spending time with her family.

What does she do for PhD Balance?

Kathrine is part of our Stronger Together and Social Media Teams! She helps create our stronger together topics and modules and is a lead moderator and coordinator for our Discord!

Why did she join PhD Balance?

Kathrine joined PhD Balance as she wanted to be a part of a community that supports the journey of doing a PhD. She was also interested in the different initiatives PhD balance has established.


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