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Meet the Speaking Team - Liesl

Meet the Speaking Team series! Our speaking team has already taken part in numerous events.

Meet the speaking team graphic - Liesl's bio and headshot are on the graphic, plus the quote from the Royal Society of Chemistry Panel. All text in post.

Meet PhD Balance's President, Liesl Krause (she/her)!

Liesl Krause (she/her) is a current PhD candidate in Technology, Leadership, and Innovation at Purdue University Polytechnic Institute.

She hopes to use her engineering experience to expand the field of mental health in academia and also help bring up the next generation of engineers.

Liesl recently had the chance to speak on a panel hosted by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

See what they had to say about Liesl's contribution:

'Liesl was very effective at meeting our brief both from an organizational, online delivery, and social media engagement point of view. I would be very pleased to have her speak again at similar events for the UK chemical science community.'



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