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Meet Piggy Smalls and Nugget!

Yesterday was National Pet Day, so what better way to kick off the week with a PhD Pet!

Picture of two guinea pigs standing on a bed - one is black and white which is Piggy Smalls and and one brown called Nugget.

Another 2-for-1 this week: Piggy Smalls and Nugget 💓

Piggy Smalls loves carrots and snoozing while Nugget always enjoys embarking on a good bout of zoomies.

They’re both <1 year old and are the best listeners for when I practice presentations!


Thank you to Shannon (@shannanigansH on Twitter) for blessing our feeds with Piggy Smalls and Nugget!

Submit your PhD Pet post via this google form (under the category "other") or email us at! All you need is your favourite pic of your pet and a short paragraph to introduce them!


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