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PhD Pet: Arty

PhD Pet alert: say hello to Arty! 🐶

Picture of Arty a black, labrador retrieve, border collie, German Shepherd and Husky mix standing up and looking at someone off camera while holding a dunking donuts cup in his mouth.

Arty's human Amanda got him last year, right at the start of her PhD. He was there to comfort her when the first dissertation proposal fell through.

He forces her to get out into nature and focus on mental health. He's there to celebrate successes too. She just got back from teaching a field course in The Everglades and he was waiting at home with tail wags and so much love.

A little more about him.... He just turned one. He is a Labrador retriever, border collie, German Shepherd, husky mix. He loves going for long hikes and belly rubs!


Thanks for submitting Arty, Amanda - @funkepunkemonke on Twitter and Instagram!

Want your pet to be featured? Submit your PhD Pet post via this google form (under the category "other") or email us at! All you need is your favourite pic of your pet and a short paragraph to introduce them!


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