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Meet the Speaking Team: Dr Brittany Uhlorn

Meet the Speaking Team series!

Meet the speaking Team - Dr Brittany Uhlorn graphic, there is a headshot of Brittany smiling and looking at the camera. All text in post.

Meet Dr Brittany Uhlorn, PhD (she/her)!

Dr Uhlorn is a science communicator, yoga instructor, and mental health advocate who is passionate about empowering others with knowledge that will support their minds, bodies and souls.

Dr Uhlorn recently had the chance to speak on the Networking on Social Media Panel at the University of California (Davis).

See what they had to say about Brittany's contribution: 'I like all the provided suggestions by Dr Uhlorn more specifically regarding the interactive presence on Twitter. One of the amazing speakers I have encountered!'


Our speaking team has already taken part in numerous events!

Check out our available services for keynotes, workshops, panels, and meet our other speakers over on our speaking events page!


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