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Let's Talk About ADHD

This month's Stronger Together content is focused on Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Disabilities and Neurodiversity!

Today we're talking about Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD!

Definition and Characteristics

ADHD is characterized by difficulty concentrating, hyperactivity, and/or impulsive behaviour. Although not comprehensive, ADHD characteristics include:

ADHD Graphic on Definition and Chatacteristics - all text in post.
  • Creative/innovative thinking

  • Trouble holding attention if not engaged

  • Hyperfocus

  • Rejection sensitivity dysphoria (RSD)

  • Executive dysfunction

  • Always need to be on the go

  • Figeting

  • Difficulty completing tasks or projects

  • Ability to make rapid associations

Stats, Demographics & Disparities

ADHD graphic on stats, demographics and disparities. All text in post.
  • Worldwide prevalence of ADHD is around 7%, and 9% in the US!

  • 64% of individuals report issues with other mental or emotional disorders (anxiety, depression, etc)

  • ADHD diagnoses and access to treatment differ across both racial and socioeconomic groups.

  • Culturally sensitive diagnosis for ADHD is needed to account for the influence of sociocultural factors!

  • Different presentations relative to the male-centric prototype may lead to underdiagnosis in girls/women

  • ADHD may be more prevalent among transgender and gender-diverse individuals

Care & Support for ADHD

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, including improving strategies for organization, planning, and reducing distractibility

  • Prescription medication: stimulants and non-stimulants

  • Social support and support groups

  • Parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT)

Other Resources

ADHD Graphic  on Resources - all text in post.


  • Children and Adults with ADHD

  • Centre for Awareness Canada

  • ADHD Foundation the Neurodiversity Charity

  • Black Girl Lost Keys

  • Kaleidoscope Society


  • Brain focus (time management)

  • Asana (project management)

  • Remember the Milk (to-do lists)

  • Due-reminders & Timers


  • Distraction podcast by Dr Ned Hallowell


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