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How Do You Manage Your Money?

April's Stronger Together Work-Life Balance topic wrapped up this month with Financial Literacy, and we have a few tips for you!

Graphic - with Tip 1 and 2, all text in post.

Tip #1 - Keep track of your money!

You'd be surprised at how easy it is to lose track of 💰...

Keep an up-to-date spreadsheet/ journal with income, and spending!

Tip #2 - Save your surplus!

If you are at a surplus, once you've paid your dues, put aside 10-20% of your surplus to a savings account for a rainy day fund!

Tip #3 - Examine your fixed and variable expenses!

Is there any room to cut back on costs? Maybe put your old coffee pot to good use to save several dollars per day!

Tip #4- INVEST!

Starting to invest can be very intimidating, so check out experts like Personal Finance for PhDs and Rowan from @theseedlingbudget


This month's Stronger Together modules on Work-Life Balance have just finished but you can revisit them anytime here!


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