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Grad Student Mental Health Stats

What do we know about Grad Student Mental Health?

Graphic text reads Grad Student Mental Health 6 times more likely to have severe depression or anxiety. 2-12% of grad students experience suicidal ideation.

It is clear, there is a graduate student mental health crisis across the globe.

Let’s look at the facts:

1. A survey published in Nature found graduate students are six times more likely to meet the criteria for severe depression and anxiety as compared to the general population (Evans et al., 2018).

Graphic - text reads PhD Students are supporting each other! 75% were supporting more than 1 person & 73% of those supporting others were struggling themselves.

2. The Nature 2019 survey found 36% of students had sought help for mental illness. It also found deep-seated frustrations with training, work-life balance, incidents of bullying and harassment, and cloudy job prospects.

3. A recent meta-analysis found the prevalence of suicidal ideation among grad students in the range of 2-12%.

4. A survey by eLife found that PhD Students are supporting each other, with 75% of PhD students surveyed supporting more than 1 person. In fact, 73% of those supporting other people were struggling mentally themselves.


How can we come together to help change these statistics?

Liesl and Susanna will chat about this and more tomorrow on Grad Chat. Join the livestream here.


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