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Grad Chat Spotlight: Fatima

Transgender Awareness Week Grad Chat Spotlight

Graphic text reads Transgender Awareness Week Nov 13-19 2021. Talking about transitions originally aired on Grad Chat may 15 2021.

Fátima joined us earlier this year to talk about her transition and how it has affected her personally, socially, and academically. Find her on Twitter (@HappyStemCell), and listen to her podcast episode on all major podcast networks!

A full-text transcript of this episode is available via google doc.

Fátima's episode originally aired on May 15, 2021, and was uploaded to our podcast network on May 18, 2021.


Watch into Fátima's Grad Chat with Linda on YouTube [livestream link]! Alternatively, you can catch up on the episode on the Grad Chat podcast here!


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