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Grad Chat is getting a REVAMP!

Grad Chat is getting a revamp!!

Graphic showing the grad chat revamp, new logo and new format and explaining what the new format is and why. All text in post.

We're excited to announce that we have a:

  1. New logo

  2. A new format

What's the new format?

We're moving to a rotating host format so our guests will be paired with 1 of 5 hosts!


The host and guests will be matched so we ensure each host has the best relevance to the topics!

Who are the new hosts?

Graphic introducing Fay Lin, there is a headshot of Fay, All text in post.

1. Fay Lin

(She/her, @faylin12)

Okay, Fay's not a new host but just in case you're new here, meet Fay!

Fay is a PhD candidate in Biochemistry at UCLA.

She is part of our Speaking and Grad Chat Teams!

Graphic introducing Niba, there is a headshot of Niba. All text in post.

2. Niba

(She/her, @notesbyniba)

Niba is a multimedia science communicator (fancy way of saying science content creator), specializing in video production and hosting.

She's also our IDEALS Team Leader and part of our Speaking Team!

Graphic introducing Liesl Krause, there is a headshot of Liesl. All text in post.

3. Liesl Krause

(She/her, @sourkrause94)

The first EVER PhD Balance President and part of our Speaking Team!

Liesl is a PhD Candidate in Technology, Leadership and Innovation at Perdue University Polytechnic Institute!

4. Aidan Mowat

(She/her, @_aidanmowat)

Aidan is working on her PhD in Geological Sciences at the University of Saskatchewan (Canada).

She is our Digital Media Director and part of our Speaking Team!

5. Linda Corcoran

(They/she, @lindaccor)

Linda is a Teagasc Walsh Scholar doing an MSc. by research in Food Science at University College Cork (Ireland).

They are the Grad Chat Lead and part of our IDEALS and Speaking Teams!


Check out our YouTube channel for all previous Grad Chat episodes OR listen to the NEW Grad Chat podcast streamed on and available on popular podcast streaming platforms.


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