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Getting Ready for a Virtual Therapy Session

Originally posted on PhD Balance social media platforms on 03/25/2020.

Picture of a laptop of a bed with a dog resting its paw on the keyboard of the laptop and another dog barely visible behind the laptop screen.

Maybe you’ve always been curious about teletherapy - meeting with a counselor through a phone or video call. Maybe you’re having to switch over from in-person to virtual meetings because of the current situation. Regardless, you might have some questions for your first time.

Here are a few tips to prepare for your session:

1. Create privacy

You need to feel comfortable that you are talking to the counselor and nobody else. Like in-person meetings, this is a protected space for you to speak openly under patient-client confidentiality. Find a place that you won’t be interrupted, consider adding white noise to block sound from escaping, and use headphones if you would like.

2. Check your connection

Close other tabs, find reliable wifi or even ethernet, and test out your camera/microphone in advance. You don’t want to miss out on time (that you’re likely paying for) just because of technical glitches.

3. Plug-in and unplug

Unlike sitting in a therapist’s office, you won’t be completely free of your daily distractions. YOU have to make this session worth your time. Set aside your phone and turn off notifications on your devices, expand your video screen to full size, and remind yourself why you are here. The session will be as valuable as the effort you put in

Remember, this is your time. Virtual meetings are often awkward, but your counselor isn’t judging. You’re learning a new skill while working on your mental health. Congratulations!


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