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Challenges for LGBTQIA during COVID-19

New Challenges for LBGTQIA during Covid-19 from Mentis Psychiatry: LGBTQ students are more likely than others to experience depression, anxiety, dissociative experiences and suicidal thoughts.

LGBTQ students find safe spaces and support in college. They develop accepting relationships where they can experience the social world on their own terms. Covid has created increased isolation for LGBTQ students who find themselves back with their families in their hometown communities that often lack the unbiased environment available at school.

If you are feeling vulnerable to the many covid stressors please reach out for support. Mentis psychiatry welcomes you to our safe space.

Graphic - text reads The Pandemic's Effect on LGBTQ People, Home & front the frontlines. Background image is of two people walking away from the camera on a path with trees on the side of the path and leaves on the ground.


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