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Allyship to People of Color

Welcome to the month of October!

A picture containing a person outdoors in a crowd holding a megaphone. Everyone is holding their fists to the sky.

Have you heard of being an ally for a marginalized group before? This is the topic for this month as we are covering two groups: people of color (POC) and disabled people/people with disabilities.

This week’s Stronger Together topic is all about being an ally for people of color.

Cool fact, you don’t have to be a person of color to be an ally! We will be going over challenges that people of color face and ways to be a good ally. We love to have you at our next module discussion on discord. Here you will also find links to previous interviews with graduate students who were guests on Grad Chat.


Sign up to our Stronger Together section here to take part in this month's modules on: Allyship to People of Color

Join our weekly module discussion (via discord text chat) this Thursday (10/14) at 1 pm ET on our Discord server!


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