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Academic Toolkit: Writing/Communicating

Writing and communicating your research is the backbone of an academic career.

Picture of a black typewriter with silver keys and a blank piece of paper sitting in it taken from above. The background is completely white.

Nevertheless, writing is often accompanied by procrastination and/or displacement activities, resulting in last-minute writing and excessive worry such as: “it won’t be good enough!”. Does this resonate with you?

Then be sure to join this week's Stronger Together module, where we will be discussing the process of writing and communicating for different platforms - sharing tips and tricks. Also, we have gathered useful advice and tips for your writing practice - be sure to check them out on our Stronger Together section, there might be some things you have not tried yet. Hope to see you at our weekly discord module to share your experiences and ideas!


Sign up to our Stronger Together section here to take part in this week's module: Writing & Communicating

Join our weekly module discussion (via discord text chat) this Thursday (08/19) at 12 pm ET on our Discord server!


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