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Women of Color Mental Health Summit 2020

Originally posted on PhD Balance social media platforms on 05/25/2020.

Text reads Women of Color Mental Health Summit 2020, join us for a storytelling panel from graduate women of color & therapist-led workshops on empowering your mental health. Saturday May 30 11am-3pm PDT, 2pm-6pm EDT. There is a $5 refundable registration fee.

The Women of Color Mental Health Summit 2020 is a virtual conference for folks of all identities and educational backgrounds to join and learn from brilliant women of color!

The Women of Color Caucus at Oregon State University believes in the power of storytelling as a way of healing and building community. We also believe in empowering people by equipping them with toolkits to support their own mental health.

The summit will have an amazing Keynote, a panel of powerful WoC graduate students, and two workshops led by therapists. Undergraduates will have the opportunity to win a private mentorship session with one of our graduate panellists.


Follow @wocc_osu to get more details on who the speakers are! REGISTER TODAY!

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