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Who should we be chatting with for Grad Chat?

Originally posted on PhD Balance Social media on 06/24/2020

Who should we be chatting with?

Each Saturday at 3 pm EDT, we've been hosting a live chat on YouTube with Susanna Harris and Fay Lin to talk about the difficult/uncomfortable/taboo parts of being a grad student.

Last week, Rob Ulrich talked with us about having difficult discussions.

This week, Nour will be talking with us about how to stand up for yourself in grad school. Nour (she/her) will be taking over our account on Friday to answer your questions, share her experiences, and connect with y'all.

Cool cool, but how does that relate to the picture?? Well, we want YOU to be one of our guests. We are inviting all kinds of academics to talk with us about how to survive and thrive in grad school. You'll do an IG takeover, record a live chat with us, and get introduced to our community.

Interested? Please fill out this google form and we will review the application! Make sure to tell others about it so we can hear their voices, too!


Grad Chat live streams to our Youtube channel every Saturday at 3 pm Eastern/ 12 pm Pacific, with most guests taking over the PhD Balance Instagram account the day before!

Check out our Youtube Channel to watch previous episodes OR listen to the previous episodes on the NEW Grad Chat podcast

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