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Transgender Day of Visibility

Happy Trans Day Of Visibility!

35% of transgender students attending college, graduate school or professional school reported negative treatment (bullying or harassment) by students, teachers or staff. Trans BIPOC were more likely to experience harassment than their white counterparts.

Trans Day of Visibility Infographic - all text in post.

This needs to change.

Some LGBTQ+ STEM groups & campagins include:

- Out in STEM (international)


- Queers in Science (Aus)

- Pride in STEM (Int)

- 500 Queer Scientists (Int)

- LGBT+ Physics.

Mental Health resources include:

- The Trans Lifeline 877-565-8860

- Trevor Project 886-488-7386,

text START to 6767

- Befrienders (int)

- Find your country's suicide hotline


If you are looking for more resources as a Trans or Gender Diverse Grad Student head over to our LGBTQIA+ Student Resources page!


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