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Tips to Smoothly Transition Into a New Academic Year Infographic

Originally posted on PhD Balance social media platforms on 08/31/2020.

No journey is complete without a few travel essentials. With a new academic year upon us, make sure you have the tools, advance planning and resources you need to make it as successful as possible. Check out the August Stronger Together infographic for four aspects to consider as you embark on a new academic year amid the pandemic.

Infographic titled Tips to smoothly transition into a new academic year, there is four categories shown as individual carriages in a train, all text is in post.

1. Embrace New Working Conditions

  • Stagger in-person time with peers/colleagues

  • Communicate with lab members

  • Schedule shared equipment

  • Make weekly to-do lists

  • Set realistic goals

2. Navigate a Public Space

  • Review Safety Policies

  • Clarify unclear Policies

  • Monitor your anxieties

  • Employ health coping mechanisms (e.g.) medications

  • Engage in daily self-care

3. Set Realistic Work Expectations

  • Celebrate small, daily wins

  • Forget about 'lost time'

  • Take daily, short breaks

  • Be patient with yourself

  • Redefine productivity

4. Engage in Extramural Opportunities

  • Participate in virtual courses/certificate programs

  • Volunteer, including remotely

  • Refine your CV/ resume

  • Conduct informational interviews


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