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Things you shouldn't feel guilty about!

Things you shouldn't feel guilty about...️ Academia edition!

One of the greatest issues in depleting graduate students' mental health is the GUILT surrounding the necessary self-care activities. Next time you feel guilty about:

 A gradient green to yellow background with a title: Things you shouldn't feel guilty about...️ Academia edition. Beneath is 9 objects listing things in academia you shouldn't feel bad about: asking for help, extracurricular activities unrelated to studies, wanting & working towards a job outside of academia, saying no to excess work, structured work hours, taking breaks, rescheduling a meeting, oversleeping, and mental health days.
  • Asking For Help

  • Rescheduling a meeting

  • Enjoying hobbies

  • Taking a break

  • Having "work hours"

  • Saying NO to more work

  • Sleeping In

  • Taking a Mental Health day

  • Wanting to eventually leave academia...

Remind yourself that IT'S OKAY!

Your mental health matters more than:

  • That deadline

  • Finishing a manuscript 2 days earlier.

  • Suffering to stay awake

  • Dreading your studies.

Take care of yourself 💓


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