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Have you tried the work-and-reward Pomodoro method for productivity?

The Pomodoro method was developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s to maximize work productivity. Not only is this a useful method in order to have a structured workday!


This short burst work-and-reward method triggers dopamine neurons to make you feel accomplished.

This is truly a scientifically-backed method!

Graphic outlining how to do the pomodoro technique. All text in post.

How to do it!

1) Write your to-do list - 2-4 specific items, more if you think you'll go through them quickly.

2) Set your timer - 25 minutes = 1 Pomodoro, but others have used up to 45 minutes.

3) Work on your selected task(s) for the allotted time - If you finish the tasks before the timer is over, find something else to do until the timer rings!

4) Break time - Get a coffee, stretch a bit, and write more "to-do's".

5) Repeat step 2-4 for another 3 pomodoros. After the final pomodoro time slot, move to step 6.

6) Break time again - You've earned a longer break now, 25-30 minutes is recommended, or use this time to eat, go for a walk, quick nap, etc!

7) Repeat 1-6 as many times as you need in your day.

Many timer apps have adopted this style of technique, check out: Focus To-Do, Forest, or Minimalist


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