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The Golden (Retriever) Ratio

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Happy Easter! This week we are excited to feature @thegoldenratio4 as our PhD Pet of the week.

If you don't follow them on Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat, you are missing out! Dr @jengolbeck shares the lives of her pack of golden retrievers, many of them rescues and fosters, with the world, providing a smile to everyone involved! They like waffles, carrots, and walks. They don't like shampoos, nail trims, or the vet. Currently in the pack are Hopper, Venkman, Swizzle, Guacamole, and Chief Brody! They brighten up every day with their food dances, staring down fish, and tug-o-wars. Angel dogs Boyfren Riley, Maggie (aka Schmeig), Jasmine, and Queso continue to bring cheer with throwback photos and happy memories. Dr @jengolbeck does research through the University of Maryland to determine how social media can be curated to make a happier community, rather than current curation methods. We've mentioned her study "Dogs Good, Trump Bad" before and still recommend giving it a read! Her dogs also participate in science, particularly Hops and Venk who are subjects in a life-long study!


Remember! You can submit YOUR PhD PET through our online form!


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