p<0.05? How about #followers>1000 in 2 weeks!!


Thank you to all of those who have shared their stories, shared our posts, or shared us as their own "story". #visibilitymatters, and YOU are the people making it happen!😍

So what now? 📝SEND US YOUR #STORIES - we exist week-to-week with just enough stories to stay consistent. We’d #love if that changed 😊 🐣FOLLOW on Twitter where Megan @cannellamegan and Mona @thehypersomniacgrad are helping run the show! 🌐CHECK out our website! Link in bio. Https://

We are soon going to have an archive of the shared stories, story-writing topics and guidelines, and lots of resources to support this amazing community!

#️⃣TAG YOUR FRIENDS/COLLEAGUES/ETC who could benefit or help spread the word. What if struggling with #mentalhealthissues was considered totally normal (which it IS) and we could support each others’ #successes instead of hiding our #shame? That would be fucking cool.

Lastly, can anyone guess which type of #plants are growing on my #petri dish? They overgrew, so I made y’all a #heart. Because I love you. ❤️

Thank you to all our #storytellers so far: @susannalharris @dogscienceweekly @astrocyte_alex @phd_to_success @cosmic_caracol @sujanee @thomas_clements_actual @klattastrophic @tatioldfield 📷The photo is tagged with those people who helped increase our visibility through stories and posts. THANK YOU!!!

Originally posted on Apr 11, 2018

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