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Structured Co-Work Sessions

Looking for a way to stay motivated?

graphic depiction of the information in the caption, including information about what the co-work sessions are and when they are.

Want to connect with other graduate students? Need some help staying on task?

Check out our Structured Co-Work Sessions!

Join us on Discord Tuesdays and Thursdays as we work together.

We check in, take breaks, and set goals, all while connecting with graduate students around the globe!

Biweekly alternating Tuesday/Thursday schedule:

  1. Tuesday's 18:45-21:00 GMT, 13:45-16:00 ET

  2. Thursday's 14:45-17:00 GMT, 9:45-12:00 ET

Join our Discord server and head over to #CoWorkingFromHome channel!


Open to all! Join our Discord Server here!


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