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Structured Co-Work Sessions

Graphic text reads Structured Co-Work Sessions with PhD Balance, bi-weekly alternating Tuesdays and Thursday - join our discord server link in bio! Tuesdays 18:45-21:00 GMT/ 2:45-5:00pm ET, Thursdays 14:45-17:00GMT/ 9:45AM- 12PM ET! #PhDStrongerTogether Connect with PhD Balance

Co-Work with other students to motivate & hold each other accountable!

Structured sessions occur on alternating Tues/Thursdays:

  • Tuesdays: 18:45-21:00 GMT / 2:45-5:00pm ET

  • Thursdays: 14:45-17;00 GMT / 9:45AM-12:00PM ET

Our Tuesday session is happening TODAY in just a few hours: 18:45 GMT or 2:45 pm ET!

Join our Discord server and head over to #CoWorkingFromHome channel!


Open to all! Join our Discord Server here!


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