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Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

Originally posted on PhD Balance social media platforms on 10/04/2020.

Mental health distress is relatively common among graduate students. Nearly 40% of students reported experiencing depressive or anxiety symptoms in a 2018 Nature study.

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There are several factors that may contribute to or exacerbate these difficulties, including the stress of academic life, moving away from an established support system, learning to adjust expectations for success, and existing in a culture that views mental health as a low priority.

Unfortunately, many individuals find it difficult to navigate the process of evaluating their own mental health or the mental health of those around them who may be struggling.

This month on Stronger Together, we’ll start a conversation about recognizing and destigmatizing mental health, as well as fostering positive mental health within ourselves, others, and at our universities. Join us this week as we discuss the stigma surrounding mental health and mental health distress.


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