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Social Media Burnout

This week, we are sharing a snippet of a fantastic blog article written by Sophia Upshaw, an ADHD academic working to obtain her PhD in biomedical engineering. This article was originally posted on June 6th, 2020.


Social media burnout exists

I remember this happening when the COVID-19 crisis first spread across the world. I remember hanging on every update, every CDC announcement, every Instagram infographic.

That was back in March. And it’s happening again now.

Social media burnout can occur when the news is persistent, and the opinions that come with it, across several social media platforms. It can be difficult to find hope, humor, or joy in the midst of polarizing and depressing headlines.

In the past week, I’ve found myself feeling


emotionally exhausted


unable to sleep

a loss of appetite

frequently tearful

If you’ve been feeling any of the above, you’ve most likely been suffering from social media burnout. If you are a Black individual, these feelings may be amplified.

I highly encourage you try one of the tips below. They worked for me and in the past few days, even though the situation hasn’t changed, my mindset has.

My Top 5 tips:

Take a Vacation

Mute Notifications

Time to Yourself

Filter Out Noise

Seek, Create, or Be a Safe Space

*** TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE, including descriptions of the tips and ways that you can help yourself manage in these difficult times, please check out Sophia's blog page, here.


Sophia currently writes for her blog, The Good Graduate, and her mission to help post-graduate adults overcome imposter syndrome in their lives by empowering them to thrive financially, mentally, and professionally.

You can find her on Instagram @sophia_upshaw and on Twitter @thegoodgraduate.


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