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September is Busy!

Originally posted on PhD Balance social media platforms on 09/12/2020.

Graphic saying September is a busy month! Grad Chat will be back from the 9/27 onwards with new awesome guests! The thumbnail for PhD Balance's Grad Chat is also on the graphic with the headshots of our hosts Susanna Harris and Fay Lin and the text idea loading with a lightbulb and a loading progress bar that is about 2/3rds loaded in place of a guest headshot

September is a busy month for everyone! We’re taking a little break from grad chats, but Susanna and Fay will be back on 9/27/2020 with more guests!


Check out our YouTube channel for all previous Grad Chat episodes OR listen to the NEW Grad Chat podcast streamed on and available on popular podcast streaming platforms.

Want to be a guest or know somebody we should be talking to? Fill out our google form!


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