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Academic Toolkit: Poster Presentations

This month’s Stronger Together topic dives into academic toolkits to prepare incoming graduate students for a successful academic year!

A pink banner says "academic toolkit by PhDStongerTogether". Text reads: "Stronger Together wants to help you prepare for a successfull academic year. We're talking about presentations, conferences, writing & communication, and effectively reading papers". There is a photo of tools to accompany the text.

We're talking about poster presentations, conferences, writing & communication, how to effectively read a research paper, and more!

To start the month off, this week’s module centres on making and giving a poster presentation.

Poster presentations are a great way to showcase your research and market yourself as a scientist.

Therefore knowing how to prepare a good poster is a valuable skill to master early on in your graduate training. In this week’s module, we provide tools & factors to consider when putting together a poster!


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