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Personal Time and Mental Health Breaks

Originally posted on PhD Balance social media platforms on 09/27/2020.

“Every person needs to take one day away…. each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us.”

-Maya Angelou

picture of a person mostly out of frame, leaning on a wooden fence overlooking a lake and forest.

Someone once said, “if grad school was easy, everyone would be a grad student”. Each day grad students pour themselves into their work and face daily challenges, whether it’s a failed experiment or juggling multiple tasks.

Hence, sometimes we become so engulfed in our fascinating work, that we don’t realize how much time has passed by. Sometimes, the toll of self-neglect requires us to take time off to recover, both mentally and physically. This can be a difficult topic to navigate. A break can have many definitions depending on the individual, but a break can truly be any place, time, or hobby that restores your mental health balance.

As the quote above states, we all need an outlet that warrants nothing from us in return. Explore this module as we delve into how to incorporate personal and mental health breaks during grad school and how to navigate conversations with your mentor when a break is needed.


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