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Opportunities Outside of Research

Originally posted on PhD Balance social media platforms on 08/23/2020.

Our Stronger Together Module 4 starts today!

As we make a return back to a somewhat normal work routine, it’s important to recognize that our new normal might look slightly different and may require an adjusting period.

Picture of a clipboard with a paper attached. The paper is titled my resume and there are bulletpoints with no text down the page. An open fountain pen that is lying on the cap beside the clipboard. A silver laptop is partially onscreen.
📸 by Marcus Winkler from Unsplash

For instance, some universities have implemented a shift-based work schedule to decrease overlap among researchers. Such changes may leave you working fewer hours in the lab than previously. This is completely okay because safety should be the number 1 priority.

However, if you find yourself looking for ways to occupy some free time, the Stronger Together community has curated resources to foster continuous learning outside of the lab!


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