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Never allow other people to define your happiness

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Hi my name is Teresa (@phd_to_success) and I'm a PhD student in Chemistry⚗️.

I started suffering from depression and anxiety long before beginning my PhD. Through family problems during my childhood and being bullied at school, my depression started when I was 14.

Being depressed isn't fun.

Typical feelings and thoughts associated with depression are 1) feeling useless, 2) worthlessness, 3) no one loves you, 4) if you die, the day after none cares, 5) putting yourself under unnecessary pressure 6) blaming yourself for every stupid mistake.


Depression has taken years of my life away from me. I honestly don't have any positive memories of my high school or university, and I struggle to form friendships or relationships in general ever since. Next summer I'll turn 28.

I will have lived half of my life with this condition. I don't want this for myself anymore, and I’ve taken action by talking with a counselor. If you feel depressed, please seek professional advice. Therapists exist to help and support you along your way.

If you live in the UK, you can use services such as samaritans and nightline (call 116123). You can also surround yourself with helpful and supportive people willing to follow your fight against depression.

I wouldn't be able to do it without my boyfriend who wants nothing but for me to be a happy, strong, independent and confident woman.

For specific advice on how to cope with anxiety with PhD, I wrote an article on my website (link below). This advice came as a result of my experience and assistance with the counselor. The only one I want to type here is:

happiness comes from the inside. Find what makes you happy - people, activities - and pursue them.

After being bullied, I made a promise to myself: I will never allow other people to define my happiness. Whatever they say, it's their OPINION



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