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Neurodiverse on Discord!

Graphic - a purple background with the title "neurodiverse on Discord: Stronger Together" with steps to join the PhD Balance discord server. All text in caption.

Our Discord is host to dozens of amazing community & support channels including pets, plants, crafts, mental health, disabilities, and SO SO many more!

Did you know PhD Stronger Together Discord server has a channel set up SOLELY for people to discuss Neurodiversity?

A place to support and connect with like-minded individuals and create community among everyone.

Not yet on the Discord Server? Follow 3 simple steps below to join!

  1. Visit our Website

  2. Click the big yellow button on the home page, title "NEW! Join our Discord!"

  3. YOU'RE IN! Read our rules & regs, where to assign your bot-roles, and then introduce yourself under intros channel, we want to meet you! Finally, you can find the neurodiverse channel under the "Academic Support" category, or go ahead and browse over 50 other channels on our server!


Join our Discord Server here!


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