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Professional Development: Networking

This month's Stronger Together topic is all about professional development....

Networking, interviewing, resumes, oh my!

Graphic showing a network of people, there are about 30 different bubbles with a different person in each, there are multiple lines coming out of each bubble to connect it to some of the other bubbles.

This weeks module is all about networking - both online and in-person.

It is never too late to start networking in your graduate school career. We will also be discussing what questions to ask for informational interviewing.

Check out this week's module where we have gathered tips and strategies for networking - including tips on where to look and how to do informational interviews.


Sign up to our Stronger Together section here to take part in this week's module: Networking Join our weekly module discussion this Thursday (06/10) at 12 pm ET on our Discord server!


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