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National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

March 22-28, 2021 is National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week.

Stronger Together covered substance abuse disorders (SUDs) in December 2020 - revisit this topic here!

Infographic titled National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week - all text in post!

Substance Use Disorders is when someone continues to use a substance despite adverse outcomes, such as:

  • changes in appetite

  • lack of motivation

  • substance craving

  • weight loss/gain

  • tremors

  • slowed reaction time

  • euphoric

  • panic

Mental illnesses can also develop from substance use, this is called substance-induced disorder.

Did you know that 20 MILLION Americans suffer from SUDs, but only 10% actually receive treatment?

Research also shows that cis-gendered men and women almost equally experience SUDs, but cis-gendered male graduate students are more likely to suffer from SUD consequences - including injury, death, or unable to complete their degree.

If you are struggling with a SUD, we encourage you to seek out professional help.

Some resources available to help you include:

  • Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre

  • The Support Group Project


  • Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous

  • Helping Others Live Sover

There are also some apps available that can help keep you on track: Pear reSET, Sober Grid, Addicaid, Talkspace


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