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Mental Health Toolkit

What is a mental health toolkit?

Your "go-to" coping mechanisms that you have access to when you are in need.

Creating Your Own Mental Health Toolkit Summary Grpahic. All text in post.

These tools may be different for everyone! We recommend keeping your "toolkit" close to you at your workspace or even make copies to take with you for emergencies.

You have two boxes in your toolkit:

  1. Instant Tools: use in distress, during a spiral, or when you are in need of a break

  2. Long-Term Tools: use to regulate your mental and physical health over the long-term


Grab a piece of paper & record 2-3 instant tools and 3-4 long-term tools.

Some examples include:


  • Box breathing

  • 54321 sensory technique

  • Go outdoors/fresh air

  • Specific meditation app

  • Crisis phone numbers


  • Regular exercise

  • Daily routine/schedule

  • Therapy sessions

  • Medications

  • Community support (join our Discord!)


What are your tools?? Let us know!


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