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Meet the team: Susan

Welcome back to our "Who keeps PhD Balance running?" series! We're going to be introducing our team over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out! 👀

Meet the team yellow graphic, There is a photo of Susan Text reads Susan Egbert (she/her) Vice President, teams stronger together (lead). Twitter handle lichenlady94. Theres also a map of the world with a red pin pointing to Manitoba, Canada.

Next up is Susan Egbert, the Vice-President of PhD Balance.

Susan Egbert (she/her) is in the third year of her PhD program at the University of Manitoba in Chemistry. She previously has got her PharmD at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. She is interested in bridging gaps whether it's in research or not and thinks PhD Balance is a great way to help build resources on how to help graduate students.

What does she do for PhD Balance?

Susan is our brand new Vice-President! She also leads our Stronger Together team who create modules on monthly topics around graduate school and mental health!

Why did she join PhD Balance?

Susan feels like there is still mental stigma going around when it shouldn't be around. As a student who's been struggling with her own mental health, she wants to help those who are having a hard time during graduate school.


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