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Meet the Speaking Team: Fay!

Meet the Speaking Team series! Our speaking team has already taken part in numerous events.

Meet Fay Lin!

Fay (she/her) is a PhD candidate in Biochemistry at UCLA. Her research uses math modeling to simulate immune response and understand how our immune system is able to distinguish different health threats.

In addition to research, Fay is am a huge mental health advocate. As a member of the PhD Balance team, she is one of our Grad Chat hosts!

Fay recently had the chance to speak as a keynote for the Computer Architecture Student Association.

See what they had to say about Fay's contribution:

Brilliant keynote! Fay was very engaging throughout and shared with us her personal journey through grad school and with mental health. This was really encouraging to hear as graduate students, and Fay addressed and acknowledged many issues which are familiar to many.



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