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Meet Rogue

Meet PhD Pet: Rogue! How purrrrr-fect!

Picture of Rogue a black and white cat being held by his human Fiona.

Rogue is 3 years old but was adopted by Fiona from a shelter when he was 7 months. Rogue was by-far the sweetest cat there and instantly decided that he didn’t want to be apart from me.

Rogue is the kind of cat who really wants to be someone’s pet, not just a distant housemate. He is extremely loud and needy and needs to be reassured hourly. He spends 1/3 of his time on Fiona's lap, 1/3 of his time sitting in the sink chasing water or looking from high vantage places, and the remaining 1/3 hunting mice or rubber bands outside.

He has been the champion of Fiona's mental health during lockdown and has been in a lot of zoom calls because he thinks his owner is talking to him and he’s being summoned.


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